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Goodwe Lynx Home U Series 5.4-32.4kWh Low Voltage Battery

Lynx Home U Series is a low-voltage lithium battery specially designed for residential applications with superior performance. Compatible with GoodWe ES/EM/SBP inverters, Lynx Home U Series comes with GoodWe one-stop-shop solution saving you considerable time and effort. It can be used flexibly for self-consumption and backup applications with a wide capacity range scalable from 5.4 – 32.4 kWh. The installation and commissioning are easier and faster than ever with a simple Plug and Play wiring and module auto recognition during system setup. Meet this highly efficient solution for storing your solar power and use it whenever needed.

Goodwe Lynx Home F Plus+ Series 6.6-16.4kWh High Voltage Battery

GoodWe high-voltage battery Lynx Home F Plus+ Series is a perfect match and a highlight of GoodWe one-stop-shop energy storage solution realizing the remote monitoring of the whole energy storage system with a single App. It offers a wide capacity range from 6.6kWh to 16.4kWh, and the expandable parallel connection of up to 8 towers allows for a maximum capacity of 131kWh. Therefore, it provides comprehensive energy storage options to meet demanding project requirements,

from self-consumption optimization to backup usage. The stackable self-detecting modules make the system especially easy to install and maintain. The reliable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell technology ensures maximum safety and a longer life cycle. Moreover, Lynx Home F PLUS+ is compatible with GoodWe BH/EH/BT/ET inverters. Get ready with Lynx Home F PLUS+ Series for robust power storage for your life.

sonnen Batterie EVO 5kW/11kWh

The sonnen Batterie Evo is an innovative, fully integrated AC coupled home solar battery storage system that has an IP56 outdoor rating and complies with the AS/NZS 5139 standard for outdoor or indoor installations. Keep more lighting and appliances powered at home during a blackout with backup power included for a 5kW continuous and 7kW surge capacity. Comes with a proprietary intelligent Battery Management System and sonnen Inverter fully developed by sonnen to support demand response programs and Virtual Power Plants. The sonnen Batterie Evo is backed with a 10 year or 10,000 charge cycle warranty on all components. We offer local service, sales and support right here in Australia.


If you’re a homeowner or business in South Australia, you should strongly consider going solar. This is because you’re paying far too much on your energy bills. Research undertaken by Carbon + Energy Markets (CME) found that South Australian energy prices are the highest not only in Australia, but the world!

Installing solar panels will allow you to reduce your reliance on utility power, and instead you’ll generate your own cheaper electricity using the beautiful South Australian sun. The savings are huge, you’ll see a significant decrease on your electrical bills all while paying off the solar system.

Right now, you can save thousands of dollars in upfronts costs thanks to an Australian Government incentive for Photovoltaic (PV) installations. If you’re worried about the complications of going solar, don’t be. JC Energy is here to ensure the entirety of this prosses is easy.


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