JC Energy has the expertise in supply and installing commercial solar systems. We have the experience to assist businesses to achieve their environmental and sustainable objectives.


Commercial Inverters

Goodwe SMT Series 25-36kW Three Phase 3 MPPTs 

The GoodWe SMT Series three-phase inverter is ideal for commercial rooftop system solutions. The SMT series achieves maximum efficiency of 98.8% and features unique design highlights, including solid capacitors, fuse-free design, and optional Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) function. These new features ensure a longer lifespan and a higher safety level of operation, allowing for an improved user experience. With a compact design and weight of just 40 kg, the SMT series is more convenient to install. With a maximum DC input voltage of 1100V, a wider MPPT range for complex rooftops, and a start-up voltage of 180V, the SMT series guarantees an earlier generation of power and a longer working time to maximize long-term returns and profitability in safe operating conditions.

GEP 29.9-60kW 

The GEP 29.9-60kW has been designed to meet the increasing expectations from the C&I segment. The GEP 29.9-60kW offers up to 6 MPPT and is the ultimate solution for commercial rooftop PV systems. This future ready machine comes with incorporated I-V curve diagnosis, film capacitor and fuse-free design, optional anti-PID function, Type I surge protection on the DC side and AC terminal temperature detection, ensuring faster trouble-shooting, longer life-span and maximum safety. The GEP 29.9-60kW requires minimum O&M and offers an improved overall user experience for maximum comfort and minimum operation. All these intelligent features make the GEP 29.9-60kW one of the most future-proof inverters in its class.


If you’re a business in South Australia, you should strongly consider going solar. This is because you’re paying far too much on your energy bills. Research undertaken by Carbon + Energy Markets (CME) found that South Australian energy prices are the highest not only in Australia, but the world!

Installing solar panels will allow you to reduce your reliance on utility power, and instead you’ll generate your own cheaper electricity using the beautiful South Australian sun. The savings are huge, you’ll see a significant decrease on your electrical bills all while paying off the solar system.

Right now, you can save thousands of dollars in upfronts costs thanks to an Australian Government incentive for Photovoltaic (PV) installations. If you’re worried about the complications of going solar, don’t be. JC Energy is here to ensure the entirety of this prosses is easy.


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