The benefits of having solar for your home is massive and JC Energy wants to help you. Our range of residential solar packages will help you save on your next electrical bill.


If you’re a homeowner in South Australia, you should strongly consider going solar. This is because you’re paying far too much on your energy bills. Research undertaken by Carbon + Energy Markets (CME) found that South Australian energy prices are the highest not only in Australia, but the world!

Installing solar panels will allow you to reduce your reliance on utility power, and instead you’ll generate your own cheaper electricity using the beautiful South Australian sun. The savings are huge, you’ll see a significant decrease on your electrical bills all while paying off the solar system.

Right now, you can save thousands of dollars in upfronts costs thanks to an Australian Government incentive for Photovoltaic (PV) installations. If you’re worried about the complications of going solar, don’t be. JC Energy is here to ensure the entirety of this prosses is easy.

Residential Inverters

Goodwe MS Series 5-10 kW Single phase 3 MPPTs 

The MS Series of 5-10kW single phase inverter with 3 MPPTs for complex rooftops is a powerful and versatile solution for the expanding needs of residential usage. It is truly a champion over the competition in terms of DC oversizing, offering as much as 200% and achieving up to 110% AC overloading. With a startup voltage of only 80V, the MS series can generate electricity earlier than equivalent products. This considerably low startup voltage means that the solar system can generate power from dawn to dusk to harness as much solar energy as possible, even in very weak sunshine or poor weather conditions. The MS is compatible with bi-facial modules and its maximum current input reaches 16 A per string.

Goodwe ES G2 Series 3-6 kW Single Phase 2 MPPTs Hybrid Inverter (LV) 

The GoodWe ES G2 inverter, ranging from 3 to 6kW, is a single-phase hybrid inverter designed to increase self-consumption of the generated solar energy, with the ability to control the flow of energy intelligently. The inverter can automatically realize UPS-level switching to the back-up mode in less than 10ms, with strong backup ability to withstand heavy loads like air conditioners. Its smart design also offers great flexibility for demanding scenarios as it supports parallel connection for dependable backup power supply. Featured with plug-and-play, compact design, and minimal weight, PV installations are quicker and easier to complete than ever before. Importantly, ES G2 is compatible with a wide range of low voltage batteries such as GoodWe Lynx Home U battery. For homeowners looking to achieve a high degree of energy autonomy, reliable power supply and affordable energy prices, the ES G2 is the right choice.

GEP 3-5kW 

With beautiful aesthetics and user-friendly design, GEP 3-5kW has an elegant screen and is light and easy to install. Despite its reduced size, this petite model is capable of 50% DC oversizing, 10% AC overloading, and 98.3% max. efficiency, which gives it a unique competitive edge. With 13A max. input current per string, it is compatible with different types of modules. The latest and most advanced safety features are intelligently integrated and packed in this compact albeit powerful model.


Discover this unique single-phase hybrid inverter that offers up to four MPPTs, is compatible with high voltage (80-495V) batteries, and has a power capacity ranging from 5kW to 10kW. Homeowners can now experience the ultimate solution for maximizing generation and self-consumption in comfort and security. Intelligent mechanisms are timely activated to ensure power supply to critical loads when most needed. AFCI (Arc-fault current interrupter) and rapid shutdown likewise ensure the safety of the whole PV system, offering freedom and security all in one.


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